Business Solutions

No more painful integrations.

Odoo is a suite of business apps that cover all your company needs: MRP, PLM, CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Point of Sale, Project Management, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, etc.

With 10,000+ apps in, Odoo covers all your business needs in a one-stop solution: no more interfaces between different software required. Odoo apps are perfectly integrated to each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes.

Our unique approach to business advice and technology solutions builds on the needs of business owners and CEOs for a common sense approach to running and growing a profitable business that will give them a competitive edge.

Our Strategic Starter Programmes for Odoo systems are designed to help organisations to start using an end-to-end Odoo business management system quickly but keep start-up costs low.

We will:

  • Help you analyse and agree quick business wins that will give your company the fastest returns
  • Choose the best and most affordable combination of Apps to help improve productivity
  • Keep implementation times short and affordable so that results can be seen quickly
  • Arrange for strategic reviews for future plans and growth – i.e. align your vision and goals with systems and Apps for your business needs

Odoo Comparison - User-friendliness and business scope vs. Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, etc.